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Entity Framework

The Entity in 'Entity Framework'
Entity Framework Backend
Entity Framework Features
The EDM in the Designer Window
Code Generation from EDM to Classes
CSDL: The Conceptual Schema Definition Language
SSDL: The Store Schema Definition Language
Querying the Model
LINQ to Entities Queries
Entity SQL Queries
EntityClient Queries
Translation of Queries to Database Queries
Cud Operation inEntity Framework
How ObjectContext Manages Entities
Adding New Entities
Updating entities
Deleting Entities
Stored Procedure with EDM
Adding Stored Procedures to the Model
Working with Functions
Implementing Functions
Mapping Table
Mapping Table per Type Inheritance
Implementing Table per Hierarchy Inheritance
Mapping Table per Concrete (TPC) Type Inheritance
Using Entity Splitting to Map a Single Entity to More Than One Table
Using Conditional Mapping
Creating Complex Types
Using DefiningQuery
Deconstructing Relationships in the Entity Data Model
Defining Relationships Between Entitie


Introduction to ORM and NHibernate
NHibernate Architecture
NHibernate Configuration
Introduction to Session and SessionFactory
Persisting Object using NHibernate
Inheritance Mapping
Collection Mapping
Bidirectional Association Mapping
NHibernate Query Language


Silverlight Intoduction
Silverlight Control & Component Events
Styles and Templates
Using Sample Data
Silverlight enabled WCF services
Silverlight enabled Web services
Working with Data
Data Binding & Event
File IO
Out of Browser
Session Management
Integration With ASP.NET

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