Inventory Management System

Inventory management system is a software system that tracks inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. In another word we can we can say that an Inventory management system is the process of moving parts and products into and out of the company. It manages inventory on daily basis as the company places order for raw material and ship orders to warehouses or customers.


Inventory can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Raw material: It is the basic material from which the final product is made.
  2. Work in progress (WIP): It refers to the goods that are in the process of being manufactured but are not yet complete.
  3. Finished goods: These are the final products that are ready to be sold to the distributors or customers.

Benefits of an inventory system

The goal of inventory control is to accurately know current inventory levels and minimize understock and overstock situations. Whether you are tracking inventory used to perform a service or sold to customers, a barcode inventory solution provides staff accountability and minimizes inventory stockouts and shrinkage. By efficiently tracking quantities across stocking locations you’ll have insight and be able to make smarter inventory decisions. An inventory system provides the necessary knowledge both for the warehouse worker to perform daily tasks and management to have product and financial insight.


Improve Your Bottom Line

You'll spend less time on inventory stock control, and reduce understock and overstock.


Improve Accuracy

Eliminate data entry errors by using mobile barcode scanners to scan stock item barcodes.


Improve Company Workflow

Share inventory data with colleagues and standardize inventory control tasks.

Accounting Software

We offer Accounting software that is designed to help you manage the money flowing in and out of your business. It manages your customers and invoices while keeping expenses in check. It also records, monitors your bank accounts and transactions and collaborate with your accountant in real-time.

Our Accounting Software features:

  • Financial Accounting (Multi-Currency)
  • Inventory Management (Multi-location).
  • Production / Bill of Material
  • Fully User-configurable Invoicing.
  • GST Invoicing & Reports